Going for a cruise? Keep these in mind…

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  • Most importantly, get your facts about the ship in place. A newer ship is likely to meet the standards mentioned in “Safety at Sea Act,” but you can’t be sure of the older ships. So its important to ascertain when they were built. Moreover, the older ships may lack some of the modern amenities such as spa, and tend to have comparatively small and cramped-up cabins. Choose your ship wisely.
  • Selecting a cabin is equally important. The more expensive ones are generally on the higher decks, but choose a cabin as per your requirements. If movement/ motion tends to sicken you, choose a room around the center of the ship, at a slightly lower deck where you would feel it less (do carry medication for sea-sickness). Similarly, if the predicted climate is temperate, you may choose a room with a balcony and enjoy the scenic beauty with a meal or two there. Make sure that a life-boat does not hamper your view, if you opt for a cabin with full view of the sea.
  • Since a cruise is a purely vacationing and relaxing affair(in most cases), carry your outfits accordingly. Dress casually and be totally comfortable during day. Most ships have pools so carry your swim-wear. Also carry a rain-coat or an umbrella(for unpredicted rain) and sunglasses or hat. Binoculars are also recommended. Light and casual footwear comfortable for walking is must as you may venture to ports (just to stretch and feel the land). In evenings follow the dress-code on formal nights( if you go to the dining room) as jeans, tanktops, t-shirts etc would not be allowed. Carry extra polypacks to stuff dirty and used clothes. Do travel light.
  • If you intend to make purchases on board or ports, make yourself knowledgeable of the prevailing prices of those products before buying from “duty free” shops. On ports it is preferable to visit branded stores especially for electronic items.
  • On quiet a few cruises, once you have checked-in, they provide an identification card with a bar code. Always carry them with you specially during embarking and disembarking. On certain ships you may make purchases on board by showing the card and the amount is then debited to your account, which you settle on disembarking. This eliminates the necessity of carrying cash or credit cards when on board. Of course to use this facility, you must register your credit/debit card on embarking.
  • Try and settle your on board accounts the previous night/or immediately on purchase to avoid the queue of payers on the last morning of the cruise. Don’t let the wait spoil your fantastic holiday.
  • Make two copies of all important documents such as passports, boarding passes etc. Keep one set in your room locker/ safe place and carry other set whenever disembarking/visiting a port.
  • Carry a 2-way radio to keep track of your companion on the ship.
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