Planning a trip to Bangkok? Here is a list of must visit places

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If you are visiting Bangkok and don’t know where to start and where to end, here is some help. Following is a list of places which you must visit in your trip to Bangkok.

Royal Grand Palace

When King Rama I took the throne as the first monarch of the Chakri Dynasty in 1781, he moved his capital from Thonburi to the other bank. He then ordered the construction of the Royal Grand Palace as the centre of the new city. Inside the Royal Grand Palace are the Maha Monthien group of buildings, the Throne Halls, and other palaces and buildings.

Wangderm Palace

The palace was built when King Taksin moved his capital from Ayutthaya to Thonburi. .When King Rama I came to the throne, he move the capital to Pranakorn and assigned a truste relative to stay on in Wangderm Palace . King rama V donated the palace to be used as the school of Naval Education.

Wat Pho (Wat Chetupon)

This large and extensive temple neighbours the Grand Palace on Thai Wang Road and houses the very impressive gigantic gold plated reclining Buddha which is some 46 metres long and 15 metres high. Its soles are inlaid with mother of pearl. The temple is regarded as the first centre of public education and is sometimes call Thailand’s first university.

Wat Suwannaam (Ratchaworawihan)

During the reign of King Taksin, this temple was where Burmese prisoners of war from Bang Kaew Camp were executed. It was founded in the Ayuraya period and was initially called Wat Thong. It was dismantled and rebuilt during the restorations made in the reign of King Rama I, and the king renamed it Wat Suwannaram. It was restored again during the reign of King Rama III. It was formerly the site of Royal Cremation Ground for members of the Royal family and high-ranking officers, and was used for this purpose until the reign of King Rama V.

Phra Sumeru Fortress

Phra Sumeru Fortress, built in the reign of King Rama I, is the largest existing fortress of all 14 which now only two exist. The other is the Mahakan Fortress. The large area was established as a public park on the occasion of the 6th cycle of King Rama IX on the December 5th, 1999. Entrance is free for all; prohibited areas are the fort itself (octagon shaped buildings with wall surrounding) and the Thai-style pavilion, which is for royal ceremonies.

National Museum of the Royal Barges

Among the exhibits in the museum are the Kanya Throne, Budsaba Throne, and many kinds of oars and paddles. Due to lack of space, only of the Royal barges can be seen there. The other five a kept at Wasukree Pier and at theRoyal Tai Navy Transport Department.

To know more about Bangkok, main events, places to stay, places to eat and how to get around there, click here.

Have you been to Bangkok before? Or are you a local? If you have something say or anything to share about Bangkok, we would be more than glad to read. Do write about your personal experiences so that all of us can benefit πŸ™‚

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  1. marhas says:

    Must visit places are the markets in Bangkok too. Good description here:

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Justification

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