Customized solutions for student medical insurance

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When you plan to go abroad for your studies, one of the main requirement is that of Student Travel Insurance, also commonly known as Student Medical Insurance. You cracked your University entrance exam, and now it’s time to crack this essential piece. Most of the students find the insurance aspect confusing and land up feeling lost. ICICI Lombard understands your predicament and is here to help you out. 

Our unique University Search tool gives you precisely what you are looking for. Covering more than 400 universities worldwide, we provide you the exact insurance requirement for each university. Not only this, we also tell you which plan suits the university criteria and allow you to buy it instantly online. And just in case you have any doubts and feel the need to crosscheck, we also provide the university link for you do so.  

How do you go about it? 

Simply go to our University Search tool and select the university from the drop downs. For your convenience, we have different drop downs for different countries. Select your university from the relevant drop own. You will b taken to a page which give you precise information of the university’s student insurance requirement. Side by side we also let you know whether ICICI Lombard covers it or not. The entire information is given in a table format so that it is easy for you to comprehend. You get all the information in just one glance and thus save the trouble of going through paragraphs and paragraphs of information which may become confusing.  

Not only this, we also recommend the insurance plan that satisfies all your requirement. And to save the time and hassle of actually calculating the premium online, we give you the premium in Rupees then and there! 

All you have to do is just click on the Buy Online button and get your Student Medical Insurance in just 5 minutes!  

We understand the pressure on you. And we know that time is essential. This is just one of our initiatives to assist you. And just in case you have any queries, simply chat with us (24*7) or email us.  


ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Insurance is a subject matter of solicitation.

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