Components of International Student Health Insurance

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A comprehensive medical insurance is mandatory for any student planning to go abroad for higher education. You may buy insurance from the home country or avail one from the country you will be studying at. Most universities abroad grant waivers if you are carrying an insurance from home, provided they meet the requirements specified. As an Indian planning to study abroad, it is better to take insurance from home as they are more cheap than ones available abroad.

Make sure that the policy you buy in India adequately covers the university insurance requirements. We have drawn a comprehensive list of such requirements, which varies from university to university. Usually a combination of few criterion mentioned below are specified as “must” in your policy coverage.

  • The most important requirement is medical coverage, which all universities will specify. Usually the minimum coverage required is of US$ 50,000.
  • Costs incurred as an inpatient as well as outpatient must be covered by your student medical policy.
  • Many educational intitututes may require coverage for treatment of any mental and nervous disorders, including drug dependency or alcoholism.
  • Dental insurance is another main component. The amount may differs from university touniversity.
  • An accidental insurance, including death and dismemberment benefits, are must in case of college.
  • You may also require coverage of costs incurred in case of emergency medical evacuation (to a nearest medical facility or country of residence) and repatriation of remains (in case of death). The coverage amount required differs among universities.
  • Several universities may also require your insurance policy to cover any possible inter-collegiate sports injuries or such unforeseen events.
  • Again, as per requirements of universities, your policy may have to cover mammography expenses (breast x-ray) or those related to maternity, complications of pregnancy and child care.
  • Most universities require the necessary deductibles not to exceed $500. A “deductible” is the amount over and above which the insurance company starts funding the bills.

As mentioned above most universities will ask for a few or a combination of these health coverages, therefore select your health insurance policy accordingly. Do remember that since you will be traveling abroad and staying there for a considerable time, your policy must cover several other unforeseen expenses.

These include any possible personal liability, loss of passport and checked-baggage, cost of a bail bond (in case of unfortunately being arrested or detained in judicial custody), interruption in study (reimbursement of the remainder semester fee), transportation cost of an emergency visit to/from home (illness where either the student travels home or receives a family member) or other such expenses.


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