Travel Tips Application

Love travelling? All of us do, and there can be nothing better than a travel application that will act as a handy guide to inform us about different places. ICICI Lombard’s Travel Tips application on facebook is the best place to visit as the application will help you gain an insight on how to reach different places, the people, their lifestyle and their cuisine, places to stay

Travel Tips:

This application will open a new world for you where you can access smart tips on travelling, medical care during emergencies and a host of other tips that will be beneficial for you during your vacation. The travel tip application will also allow you to post comments on any topic related to travel and create a chain of communication, in turn enlightening yourself on places and lifestyle of people across the globe, especially stories or tips maybe you never knew about.

Search a tip:

In this section, you will find tips on what to find where and interesting tips on where to shop, what to explore, what rules to follow which will be shared or posted by people all across the globe including you.

Travel: This application will be extremely helpful to you as it offers tips on the various routes one can take to reach their choice of destination.

Stay: You will definitely be interested in knowing where to stay especially in unknown locations. This application will provide you with the appropriate information on the various hotels, reasonably priced one’s, which will ensure your comfortable stay.

Shop and Explore: Any place will have a shopper’s paradise located within the heart of the city. All the people wanting to get some authentic souvenir from the place they visit are in for a treat as this section will give them an insight on the places to shop and explore.

Do’s and Don’t s:Because of the fact that foreigners or tourists visiting a place may not know its lifestyle, rules and regulations, general habits of the locals, local food that is consumed etc., this section gives you a fair idea on the Do’s and Don’t s to be followed in a foreign land. .

Share Tips:

This section allows you to dip your finger into the pie and share your poll (likes) on the places to eat, shop, explore for the places you have visited.

Add Trips

Are you excited to share fun events of your trip on the global platform? Travel application on facebook provides you a chance to share how your trip was, what kind of adventure or shopping explorations you carried out, and also any fun story related to your trip.

Photo board

This section allows you the liberty to share your trip photos, the scenic beauty of a place, or any other pictures you would want to share with the whole world.

Invite Friends

Select people from the vast database of your friend list and share the travel tip application link with your friends and people you know. This will help more and more people to get access to the useful application and get a good idea of the trips they are planning.


With so many tips to read, this application will definitely guide you in the best possible way. It will also be a vast platform for everyone to reach out to the millions of people and share varied information on travel and travelling tips. Click here to visit our ‘Travel Tips’ Page on Facebook.


About ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. is the largest private sector general insurance company in India with a Gross Written Premium (GWP) of Rs. 3,694.7 crore for the year ended March 31, 2010. The company issued over 44 lakh policies and settled over 62 lakh claims and has a claim disposal ratio of 96% (percentage of claims settled against claims reported) as on March 31, 2010. The company has 4,305 employees and 350 branches as on July 31, 2010. The company has been assigned a domestic rating of ‘iAAA’ by ICRA (an associate of Moody’s Investors Service) for highest claim paying ability and a fundamentally strong position, for the fourth consecutive year. The company has been awarded CNBC Awaaz Consumer Award 2010 for being the ‘most preferred brand’ in the General Insurance category. ICICI Lombard Auto Insurance has been rated highest in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power Asia Pacific in India among 11 auto insurance providers. The company has been conferred the Golden Peacock- Eco Innovation Award of 2009 for weather insurance and the Customer and Brand Loyalty award in the ‘Insurance Sector - Non-Life’ at the 3rd Loyalty awards, 2010.
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3 Responses to Travel Tips Application

  1. Abinash says:

    Great…now it will be easier for me to search for travel tips and that too on FB itself…thanks

  2. abinashici says:

    I must say…this tool will really help me plan a trip to Cherrapunji

  3. nickssmith28 says:

    I think it will be helpful for anyone to find the travel tips for going on a trip. Travel insurance is very important before going on a trip.

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