Traditional Customs across the World

Traditional Customs across the World. Get Acquainted and Do As the Romans Do:

Every country in the world has its own established customs and traditions. Resultantly, when you travel to some foreign country from India, the people of that country would expect you to be, at the very least, aware of their customs to a certain extent. The primary reason why you should learn about the traditions and customs is that of etiquettes. Therefore, you should try to find out about the traditions and customs prevalent in the country that you are making travel plans for. The following are some examples of traditions and customs of the major countries of the world.

  1. Japan:
    In Japan, the way to greet each other is to bow. This is one of the core traditions of the country and even if you are not prepared for it, it is likely that you will learn within a few hours of experiencing the country. Furthermore, if you have tea in Japan, then you should look to follow your host’s lead because the Japanese tea ceremony can be quite complicated for an outsider.
  2. China
    China’s is one of the oldest civilisations in the world and hence is very much mired in a lot of traditions and customs. One very interesting custom of Chinese culture has to do with giving gifts. In China, people believe that good things happen in pairs. Hence, it is highly recommended that you give gifts that are even in number and not odd. 
  3. Islamic countries:
    The cultures of Islamic countries also have a long and extensive history. Resultantly, the social etiquettes in these countries can also be quite exhaustive. One of the things worth remembering about Islamic cultures is their month of fasting. This period is known as Ramadan and is one of the five central pillars of this religion. In this period, you would find that the majority of locals fast from dawn till sunset. The purpose of this period is very intrinsic to Islamic beliefs i.e. spiritual purification and hence should not be taken lightly by an outsider.

Travel is an experience that is full of discoveries. Sometimes, unexpected events may play spoilsport. So it is recommended that you be prepared with important telephone numbers, travel insurance and even the medicines that you regularly take. Once these are taken care of, you can truly enjoy the culture of the land.


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